Insurance lgeShipping Insurance - Comprehensive Transit Cover Available

While Euro Pacific International Movers prides itself on quality packing, shipping insurance is needed for that unforseen eventuality. Shipping and safe handling of your precious possessions with the primary concern being their safe and efficient transit from origin to destination.

Unfortunately when being transported thousands of miles under sometimes very extreme weather conditions, they become subject to risks beyond anybody's control, which is why we strongly recommend you take Marine Transit Insurance specific to international movers.

Specicifically tailored insurance proposal to you

We will Provide you with our insurance proposal specifically tailored for your international relocation for you to complete prior to packing date. It will detail the terms and conditions of our insurance cover in "laymans" language - not insurance jargon, and guide you room by room through your home, making the whole exercise as simple as possible.

Insurance cover options

The type of cover we can provide ranges from "Total loss" to our "Premium Full Cover", which not only includes breakages but also includes denting, scaring, scratching and costs of re-polishing. Electrical and mechanical derangement cover is also available for all your appliances. We recommend you do take insurance to safeguard against any unforseen shipping disasters.

Three outstanding features of our insurance cover are:

  • Inclusive of 60 days free storage cover at origin or destination.
  • A low NZ$175 excess is applicable.
  • Underwritten by NZI Insurance.

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